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Summary of essentials in GZ please! (Guangzhou)

Hello people and nice to meet you all! Read a few topics and you all seem to help each other a lot :)

I am moving to Guangzhou in Feb Protected content a minimum of 1 year and in this first year I want a great adventure and really enjoy my time to allow me to possibly create a solid start to my career. I recently graduated from Uni and decided to take up the challenge of teaching English in order to broaden my knowledge in teaching and learning.

I was hoping in summary, you could provide information on the necessitates of adapting to a new culture and living comfortably. I am not wanting to replicate a western lifestyle because A) Its more expensive and B) I want to take a new perspective on life.

I of course however want to be safe and secure in essential areas such as health care, banking and food etc. Things like this :) I am not bothered by things such as wanting to access FB etc.. I'm just going to accept it and learn a new lifestyle. But like I said, things that I should keep in line with western standards otherwise I might make it too much of a challenge and actually make myself worst off!

It would be great if you could add any of your own input if you have any recommendations to what I should set out to do upon arrival.



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