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Tuesday Free Multi-Languages Exchange (Guangzhou)

Multi-Languages Language exchange is a free weekly event organized by Jamie Cao, the founder and head teacher of Jamie’s Mandarin. We believe that language learning is a key part of embracing diverse cultures and discovering the connections between us. There’s no better way to connect, make friends and be understood. That’s why we formed Multi-Languages language exchange(used to called “A &J language exchange) in Protected content , and now it has grown into a platform where people can practice languages, meet local and international friends and build a wide network of relationships.

How does it work?

As a language teacher and a language learner myself, I understand the importance of practicing a language and the struggle of finding the right opportunities. Our plan at Multi-Languages is to build a friendly and open environment that encourages every language learner to speak. At each session Jamie or another host will share fun Chinese words and/or bring a topic to discuss. The first hour is given to speaking Chinese and the second hour is given to other languages. Some of the most common languages you’ll hear are Mandarin, French, English and Cantonese. In addition, we organise culture events such as Mexican Food Night at Tristan's to learn about how to make burritos. People came and enjoyed the food, meanwhile practice Chinese and other languages with locals and expats.

When and where?

Every Tuesday 19: Protected content at the CA1 café, Zhujiang New Town metro station exit A2. We cancel the event for national holidays. Please order a drink when you join the event.

How to Contact us

Go on Protected content or our facebook page to sign up. You can also WeChat jamiesmandarin for more. Thank you!

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