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Wives hating China? Clifford School? (Guangzhou)

we are presently considering taking a job offer for my husband, and move our family of 5 (a baby, a 2- and a 6-year old) to Guanzhou for a period of Protected content . Now I read that wives "bitch around how much they hate China": Is it really that bad? Looking at it from Germany it appeared "one big adventure" and we were very excited, but now...

Our oldest son should start primary school this fall, and we were told from where my husband would be working (Nansha) Clifford Estates would be the best compromise. Yet I read all these negative comments about Clifford School: Is it that bad? Should we move closer to the other international Schools (American, British, Utahloy) and have my husband commute longer?

Thanks for your comments!

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