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Casual Wine Tasting Feb 14th - Coffee Tasting Feb (Guatemala City)

What: Wine Tasting near Antigua with lake view!
Where: Lakefront Amatitlán. (Transportation from Antigua and GTC available.)
Contribution: Bring your wine, chip in for gas.
When: Feb 14th 3pm in Antigua´s Park or 4:30pm in Amatitlán.

Long version:
Hello Expats in Guate!
Always wanted to do some fancy Wine Tasting? Well, here is a chance to do it at a low cost.
There is a beautiful lake near Antigua called Amatitlán that you have never heard of (unless you are Guatemalan). It´s not Atitlán (I know it´s pretty confusing). You can come and have a romantic Valentine´s Date with fancy wine and dark chocolate. (As fancy as you want because you are going to bring it =). Or you could just come spend a nice afternoon hanging out with people.

Males: If you don´t have a valentine´s date, this may NOT be the place for you to pick up one! =) (You should prepare that in advance =)!
There is also an option to spend the night here (which does have a cost). Message me if you are interested. I´ll send you more info.

On Sunday, I´ll be doing some coffee tasting in the morning. I actually know way more about coffee than wine. It will be fun!
Please RSVP by Friday night.

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