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Shipping Products from the U.S.? (Guatemala City)

Hi All,

A dear friend in Guatemala needs some help. She recently moved from Illinois to Antigua, and is having difficulty getting products shipped to Guatemala from the U.S. due to customs. I live in Puerto Rico, so I am not familiar with Guat or able to help her much.

She is trying to get supplies for medical needs as she works with orphans and the needy, and the plan thus far has been to have friends and family come to visit and bring supplies over in their suitcases, but she needs a more consistent solution. She has tried shipping directly from a company using FedEx Int'l. One package got through, and the other was rejected by customs.

I was told by someone who used to live in Guat that packages are more likely to be cleared through customs if sent from a friend or family member rather than a company. Also, one company recommended that we find a freight forwarder who can assist with this process. My friend is learning Spanish, but she has not been able to find a freight forwarder to work with, and to be honest, we are both like fish out of water here and need any help we can get.

Thanks in advance for any tips or info you can give! It would be much appreciated!

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