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EXPAT PARENTS: Interested in a Kids Book Trade??? (Guayaquil)

Are you an expat parent?

-Are you tired of reading the SAME Children's stories to your child/ren every single night?

-Are you less than enthusiastic about the choices of English-language Children's book selection in local book stores?

-Are you in or near Guayaquil?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions, I would like to propose a CHILDREN's BOOK TRADE!!!

The trade would work like this:

1. Gather your USED English-language (other languages accepted too!) Children's Book that you would like to trade with other parent
2. Meet other Guayaquil-Expat Parents at local Coffee Shop
3. Drink LOTS of Coffee or tea
4. Trade Children's books!
5. Go home and read a new story to your children that very same night!!!

The goal is to go home with at least 2 new books after each meet-up. Trade is at NO COST.

Before setting dates at local Guayaquil Coffee Shop, I would like to gauge interest. If this is an event you would like to attend every 3 months or so, please respond to this thread. Or whatsapp me at: Protected content , my name is April.

If there are 3 parents interested, I will set up an event in Guayaquil for July.



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