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Internations included cities - communities (Guayaquil)

I live Cuenca, Ecuador. It is conservatively estimated by responsible agencies (both private and governmental) that we expats living here in Cuenca number about Protected content . However, Internations attached us to Guayaquil--three and a half hours drive from Cuenca. We have, of course, visited Guayaquil, but we are in Guayaquil only two or three times a year, either exiting Ecuador or attending to business at the U.S. Consulate. It appears to me to be a serious limitation of Internations not to have Cuenca as a an official location "community" on a par with Guayaquil. Why not correct this situation? I hardly ever click into this website, and I feel sure this must be true of the many other expats living here in Cuenca. Carl Walters, Ph. D. Retired U.S. University Professor

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