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Fun, Funner, Funnest! [Hanoi]

Hi there!

“Hi, how are you.”
“How are you?”
"How have you been doing? How's it going?"
"Good, everything is going ok"

I assume most of us have this conversation quite often.

And it seems that some people have built invisible walls up around themselves for protection. And upon leaving school, we go on to work 9-6, come home (or eat out), watch TV or maybe go to the gym, and read books at night and then repeat the same cycle the next week. We begin to withdraw into our own world. It's not fun :(

Stop being lonely and make a move to bring us closer together. We are all human beings. We all share the same basic thoughts and feelings ;)

If you're lonely and feel lost in this city and wonder how to get out of this situation, let's catch up then!

It would be great if we could arrange to meet sometime, catch up for a coffee or cycle around the lake, plan a picnic or some stuff like that.

Hope to hear from you guys and we could work things out together!


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