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Moving to Hanoi in late May 2013

Hi, my name is Bec and I will be moving to Hanoi in late May (I am yet to get the exact date, hopefully will know today).

My partner is an accountant with a mining company and will be working at the Ban Phuc Mine site for 6 motnhs. He leaves today and I will be meeting him in Hong Kong for a 12 day holiday before coming to Hanoi.

I am an Aussie and have only been overseas once in the past (Thailand last year). I know very little about Vietnam and it's culture and frankly am a little petrified about moving their without my fiance as I will be on my own.

I have until recently worked in Melbourne and Dandenong as a Family Law solicitor and after being made redundant figured I would take the opportunity to have a break and explore Vietnam while my fiance worked (only a little so we can do most of it together). We are also looking at moving to Hong Kong in 6 months where he will set up a new division of his company. I am looking to work there so I will be studying while in Vietnam to get admitted to practice as a solicitor in Hong Kong.

Essentially I am just looking for some tips and advice about what to look out for, where I can find other expats if I get lonely and basic information that would be useful!

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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