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Streetfood addresses (Hanoi)

Hi there!

I didn't find any topic about it, however it's part of VN.

I suggest that we share some good addresses for streetfood in Hanoi as I was wondering how local people are able to choose between the dozens of thousands places that propose "phở bò" or "bún chả" or some other famous dishes.
Please note that I'm only talking about streetfood, that excludes all kinds of restaurants.

So, if you know any, you can share some good places to enjoy!

Here comes a small list of addresses I can recommend...

- Xôi cá rô dồng : 1, ngõ 107, Nguyễn Chí Thanh
- Xôi xéo : 24b, đường Thành
- Nem chua : Bà già, *don't remember the number* ngõ tạm thương, 38 Hàng Bông (the alley of "nem chua")
- Pa tê trứng : 9, Yết Kiêu
- Bánh đa cua (trộn) : 24, Bà Triệu

Maybe others to come soon...
Have a nice day !

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