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Food - important tips (Helsinki)

Hi all,
I have a suggestion for a topic of discussion - food, and how to find it. Particularly I mean food that is from your home country and is hard to find in Finnish supermarkets. I suggest that everyone write down their favourite foods and explain how to get hold of them, for the benefit of new arrivals in town (or even those of us who have been here a long time already!).
So here are my first few hot tips for foods Australians are craving:

Vanilla essence, peanut butter: You can buy these at Behnfords shop in the WTC in central Helsinki. Finnish supermarkers only stock 'vanilla sugar' and don't have peanut butter.

Green, leafy Asian vegetables: see 'Aseanic Trading' in the list of shops on InterNations Helsinki page - it's in Kolmaslinja in Hakaniemi. They have Protected content (e.g. choi sum, gai lan) and also have excellent fresh herbs, including lemon grass, ginger, etc... and cheap tofu. In fact the whole shop is a treasure of Asian foods.

Pumpkin: not in Finnish supermarkets, but at certain times of the year available at the organic fruit and vegetable store in Hakaniemi market hall (e.g. butternut pumpkin).

Vegemite: actually this is available in many different shops - Behnfords, 'Säästä & Punitse' (wholefood sellers of grains, nuts, etc..) and some healthfood stores.

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