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How to marry a finnish girl? (Helsinki)


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How many of you did read this book? should i buy it?

All the secrets about Finland and the Finns are finally revealed in HOW TO MARRY A FINNISH GIRL: Everything You Wanted to Know about Finland that Finns Won’t Tell You. Simply buying this book guarantees that you will:

Make Out with Your First Finnish Girl in 24 Hours (or less!)
Move to Finland in a city that doesn’t contain the word “poo”
Land a Job that Makes Your Finnish In-Laws Proud
Not Only Speak Finnish Fluently, but Teach it too
Get on the Front Page of a Major Finnish Tabloid
Identify a Finn on holiday in the Canary Islands...

LOL and much more...

I just copypasted it from the site... actually wishing any of you did read it...and success-fully followed up step by step all its suggested strategies...

Seems to be a guide for cultural and family integration, so far i see...

he thinks he knows how to...

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