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How would you solve it? can i be your guest 2 days (Helsinki)


How would you solve this situation?

I would appreciate wise help, ideas, support
and maybe a coach i could stay a couple of days or a guest room
until my family and company can organize some money for me

here is the story

You decide to leave business for some time as you fel cloe to burne out in Protected content
you travel and do business abroad
but you feel you need something new
offer your last key services to a company in switzerland
you calculate verything
hat money you can use to buy land, build up house in russia and travel to asia in winter
one year travel paid,
while you reate new travel business online
finally life change
so all work like planned
but then after first month th swiss company dont snd the money any more so you engage a lawyer in switerland to solve it
along month two you decide to dont buy land in russia just now but to travel you keep waiting for the money
90 days tourist visa are over
you intent to cros russia abkazia border
but you arrive one day late, day 91
the immigration officers do not let you leave russia
and aks you stay one more day in russia
next day immigration bring you to court
the judge forbd you enter russia for 5 years plus fee ayment
you get 10 days to appeal
the rest of yoru travel budget is gone
your best friend get a ticket for you to leave russia on time (otherwise risk 6 months in jail)

you know you just did plans to have a living in nature and change your life
but now
you wait for Protected content
has 10 EUR in your pockets
and lve russia via mosco to land in helsinki
with no accoodation or anything planned

What would you do?

i have a european residence
company registered in germany but not office, is at teh address of my accountant
all planned for online business
i can stay in helsinki
offer training, coaching, consultncy and all of my services

now i feel i just need to rest
and reorganize my travel plan
boost one onlien service
and get some cash
while waiting for my family and company (lawyer) to send me some money

It would be awesome to receive some moral, creative or business support from IN Finn community

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