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Interested in Parkour? Want to know what is it? (Helsinki)

If you have what it takes, the COURAGE and the attitude to try new things, I invite you to an introduction in Parkour this coming saturday!

Have you ever heard of Parkour? Is that thing you see in the movies where people escape by climbing walls, jumping buildings, running freely, with lots of strength, energy and accuracy...

Those who have asked me how I keep my athletic shape, this is one of the things I've started doing and I can tell you, is easy to your body, challenging to your mind. And that is why, is for people with courage :-)

Worry not, that we take it easy and learn the basics!

And if you are experienced on this practice, worry not that the instructor can offer you even more challenges, teach you new tricks and support you to get over any aspect you may feel stuck.

A similar activity is known as free running but is not to be confused with Parkour, usually they are combined though.

Come and learn more on this exciting form of workout:
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With energetically positive vibes,

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