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Japan, South Korea or Portugal (Relocation) (Helsinki)

Hello my darlings!
Seems that Life (and me too) wants me somewhere else in this beautiful planet. Naturally my preference is Japan as I am in love with this country since forever, mostly the beauty and zen approach to life - already experienced it when I was stranded due to volcanic ash in Protected content ..., and heard they have good surf spots... followed by South Korea where I visit frequently (and intention is that Im going again soon) and lastly Portugal because is the closest place with good surf.

Obviously I would like Australia and New Zealand but hey, let's see where the wind takes me. Still I need to have some points clarified.

Therefore, if any of you is working at the embassy of any of these places or you have gone through a relocation process I would really really really really - did I say really - appreciate if you could get in contact with me so that I can ask you some questions.

Wishing you a fabulous day!

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