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Surviving (and enjoying) winter. By bicycle! (Helsinki)

So you moved here from a warmer place, you don't ski or skate, you saw the first snowfall today and now the winter looms ahead - long, dark, cold and desolate?

Don't worry! We understand, and city and outdoors group is here to help! We know that hiding from the weather indoors until spring is no solution. The key to thriving here in the cold months is to embrace what nature gives you and use it to provide amazing new experiences!

Steven S already mentioned our weekly swimming meetups, they're a great way to relax and experience the weather! This post however is for those of you who own a bicycle...

Would you like to enjoy leaving your crisp tyre tracks in freshly falling snow? Gliding silently along frozen forest paths through Christmas tree landscapes? Cruising between islands across smooth, frosted sea ice (with no hills!)? It looks even better than it sounds! Check out some images:

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Winter is an amazing time to cycle, and now is a great time to prepare. So if you're interested in enjoying your bike all year round but you're not quite sure how to proceed get in touch, either here or via private message. I'm looking at arranging some winter bike prep times.

Once that's done we'll post some winter biking trips for you to enjoy!

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