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DON'T RISK IT: Call Me B4 Your Speech/Presentation (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Internations Members,

How are you as a Presenter or Speaker?

Are you the confident, composed, articulate, clear-speaking, engaging type? or the bear-postured, nervous, boring, disengaged kind?

If you belong to the latter are not alone. Numerous studies show that the no.1 fear in the world is Public Speaking? There is even a joke that people would rather be the dead person inside the casket than the guy delivering the "Eulogy"or the speech for praising the one who has just died. Unfortunately, this is very true.

But, is the fear of public speaking the real problem for most of mankind's oratory handicap? In my opinion, it is not. The real issue is actually our "Fear of Failure" conjoined to its equally paralyzing twin, "Fear of Rejection".

Throughout history, this nasty twins have been tag-teaming to smack down the confidence of people and rendering them unable to effectively communicate in a group or public setting. As a result, huge amounts of money and opportunities have been wasted away due to failed presentations and speeches that are supposed to be crucial to business and personal success.

Don't worry folks. You don't have to risk it. I believe that I have the antidote, if you will, that can surely make this twins tap out for good and turn them into a friendly energy source to turbocharge your speech or presentation.

My intensive one-to-one or one-to-many coaching will make you an effective speaker or presenter in a short period of time- whether you are presenting to your clients, speaking at TED Talks, or engage a huge crowd in a special event.

I will personally train you in all aspects of public speaking. I have coached celebrities, Executives, Students, Teachers, and Leaders.

Established fact: People who speak and present well are the first ones being considered for leadership positions or promotions, they close more deals, and flourish in their careers.

So, friends, isn't it time for you to start speaking like a winner?

Thanks and see you later!

Best regards,

Speech Coach Jerry

Ho Chi Minh City Forum