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Expat couple relocating into HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hello everyone
We are Carlos and Cris, originally from Venezuela, but expatriated for 8 years now. We recently got the news that my company is relocating us to HCMC, so we have a thousand questions about living there! I hope you can give me a hand (or two)

1) The most important, my wife will be about 6 months pregnant when we arrive. Any advice about giving birth there? Any past experiences?
2) I read that driving in HCMC is complicated, but coming from Venezuela where driving is horrible, we are not too afraid. Can we as foreigners get a driver’s permit? Can we purchase a car? We are not too keen on motorbikes, so we are looking for a normal car.
3) About housing, from what I have researched, and given the location of my office, I will be looking for a place in D2. Any advice? Price? A 2 bedroom apartment should be fine.
4) In general, how easy is to live there? Move around? How is the life for expat wives?
5) I also read about banking being hard. What bank would you recommend? I would need a USD and VND account in the same bank, plus a credit card at least.
6) Any spanish speakers in this forum? :-)

I'm sure I will have more questions down the line, but I apreciatte all the comments you make.
Thanks in advance.

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