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Extended! Entertainment/Cultural Show- Raffle (Ho Chi Minh City)

Extended until today, Sept 20. Thank you to those who commented and responded by email yesterday.

Hi, guys! I am making a market study on entertainment/cultural shows and I will appreciate your insights on the following: (Raffle mechanics below)

1) Do you watch cultural shows here in Saigon?
2) What type of cultural show and where do you see it?
3) What is your general feedback or impressions of cultural shows here?
4) Did you see the show as an organized activity by your company, association/organization, etc.?
5) If YES in 4), how often is this activity?
6) How many people watched the show with you in the organized activity?
7) Did it come with meal (i.e. dinner)? What type of cuisine?

Appreciate your help. I will raffle off respondents who answered within September 19 and give token to selected ones.

Post it and share to your network and you will have two "raffle" points.

If you wish to discuss this further with me, pls email me at Protected content

JM Martinez

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