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Investor for 2 movies about Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

There are 3 beautiful features film for my producer and I am looking for serious Co production in Asia or any countries... and the winner are .... :

1/ "Melting wok " ( looking for producer Protected content euros )

pitch : for the last French restaurant in paris Chinatown " la coq aux vignes" ( the Rooster on Vines") and his old chef michel , who hates asian invaders , and who is about to go out of business , its not anymore about Cooking , its about "resistance" ! ... but there' one will help him save his restaurant, it' s a young cook .. the pb is , he's from hong kong ".. on your screen summer Protected content .

Protected content

2/ "One last trip" ( Protected content ) Road movie
what happens when an old VN vietkieu from paris discover he will soon loose the last memory of his home land , vietnam , because of Alzheimer ? he wants to go back to show his son ,his roots , the house where he was born... anther and son will travel back in time , form saigon to hanoi, like a big fish , from here to then , both to find peace and the feeling of belonging to a Home , even if its made of uncertain memories illusions and even lies..

3/ "the rain will not wash your tears away "
the vn " The Bridges of Madison County" love story . A love story between a french Vietkieu Woman and a vietnamese man , a local chauffeur..separated by 2 world , 2 times , 2 different river banks , and yet joined by a a river , a rainy day , by a Song "Mua trên pho hue " when it rains on Hue" .
A story of love.. and skins.

Please contact me if you are interested or would be greatful if you know someone! Thanks in advance.

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