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Project Manager Fresh off the Plane (Ho Chi Minh City)


Hello Internations HCMC,

I'm new to both the Internations and HCMC community. I left a job in Hawaii (I know, I know) to chase a contract in Indonesia, where I've been studying the language and culture for the past 6 months, only to find that it up and moved to Vietnam. I thought, that sounds like and interesting place to go--so, here I am. And it turns out my hunch was right--couldn't be more excited to be here.

I'm currently attending VN language class in the Binh Thanh District and have graduated from Pho to Hu Tiu thus far--baby steps. Just want to say hello to everyone here and, if you're planning to attend Tuesday's get-together, there as well.

Lastly, if you know anyone looking for reliable guy with a background in project development, IT, and information analysis, drop me line. Or point me in the proper direction, if you'd be so kind. I don't plan on chasing that contract forever, and I'm always interested in new opportunities.


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