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Speak Your Way to Success: Get a "Speech Makeover" (Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Internations Members,

Do your clients, friends, family, business partners, colleagues, and employers like the sound of your speaking voice? If you can not say a Big Yes to this simple question,..then it is time for you to undergo a complete speech/ voice Make-over.

Well, let me help you on this one and I assure you that I will do my very best to help you speak much better- from delivering an impactful presentation, having a business conversation, negotiating deals, chairing meetings, to communicating in important social situations.

My training is highly-customized to your speaking style. After few sessions, you shall have developed your signature voice that presents a positive vocal image of you. Such voice is warm, clear, rich, professional, and puts you ahead of others where voice matters.

The sessions will include the following:

> Accent reduction/ Acquisition
> Developing your Executive Voice (Vocal Business Card)
> Voice projection/ Vocal energy and Inflection
> Essential Body language and Posture
> Presenting/ Speaking in Public
> Voice deepening (if need be)

This bundled training is quite rare in the market. Results are guaranteed. Your voice will never be the same again when you take this training. I strongly recommend that you take this special speech/voice make-over while it's available.

There are limited slots available. Book your training now! This is good for Executives, Leaders, Professors/ Teachers, Diplomats, Students, and Celebrities.

To get you started, kindly drop me a message here.

Thanks and see you later:)

Warm regards,

Coach Jerry

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