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Visa Renewal Every 3 Months (Ho Chi Minh City)

Sorry, if this has been asked before (and I would be surprised if not), but, I'm new to the group.

The situation I currently face is that I have a 5 year (expire Protected content of Visa Exemption' However, - it has to be re-stamped every 3 months.

Doing this is not a (real) problem - I've done it several times already. My concern (apart from the 211,400 VND each time (last bill Protected content that they stamp my passport with a new 'stamp' This is filling up my passport and soon there will be few pages left for any other visa to be put in.

Does anyone know - if there is at least a way to prevent them stamping new 'visa stamps (that are only valid for 3 months) all over my (blank-clear pages) of my passport?

Thank you


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