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Wooden doors production in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)


You want to source wooden doors and you wonder if Vietnam has something to offer you? The content below will give you some insights.

I) How many wooden door manufacturers in Vietnam?

There are an uncountable number of manufacturers, include small workshops and factories which produce for very small quantity of local people. However, as my estimation, there are around Protected content manufacturers through out the country which can produce bigger quantity and more reliable for exportation. This is included all kind of wood (natural wood and industrial wood), and those manufacturers also produce other wooden products/furniture. In which, around 20% of them located in Hanoi and surroundings, 30% of them located in HCMC and surroundings, and the rest are at other parts of the country.

II) What kind of wooden doors are produced in Vietnam?

Iron-wood, doussie, oak, ash, white meranti, golden oak/yellowish-wood, menghundor … as well as veneer (MDF, HDF, MFC and plywood)

III) How wooden doors are produced?

For natural wooden door, basic steps are:
+ saw
+ dry: depend on each kind of wood, manufacturer will decide to dry or not, some kinds of wood, it’s better to let them dry naturally, while others need to dry to humidity of Protected content %.
+ categorize: selecting the wood depend on quality and purposes, and dispose unqualified wood to other purposes.
+ making wooden door
+ paint

(Ask me if you want to know about veneer doors).

IV) Price:

+ Depend on which kind of wood, price of natural wooden door varies from 60 – Protected content with thickness of 2-3cm. Price is for finished product but without frame, glass, lock and some other accessories, and not included shipping cost to abroad. (Delivery within the city is included).

+ For veneer, it is Protected content with similar terms and conditions with natural wooden doors.

Obviously, manufacturers also can include other materials like glass and can produce with your design and requirements.

Send me a message if you have a question or inquiry!

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