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Work Permit and taxes (Ho Chi Minh City)


Hi! there, can anyone advise me as I am now in a predicament. I am currently on a 6 month multiple entry visas and have been working here for the past 5 months, my contract with my current employer will ends in July.

I came to know this job through an agent with the agreement in the contract that my employer will apply a 6 month work permit for me and cover my taxes. I have done all the necessities and medical check-up and submitted in my documents to my employer for processing my work permit application.

However, having waited for about 3 months I still haven't got my work permit, feeling concerned I went to talk to the person in charge only to be told that they have no intention to apply for a work permit for me which really gets me upset. I got my agent to talk to them but all I got from them was an elegant silence.

Can anyone please give me some advise what course of action can I take? Thank you.

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