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Work permit connundrum (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi all

This is my first post here so please be gentle :)

I wish to move from the UK to HCMC to be with family, but even though I am an expert in web development and have 15 years experience, there is some complication with obtaining a work permit as I do not hold a degree.

Having done LOTS of reading up on the new(ish) laws, I have found that if you do not have a degree, a document certifying you as an expert would suffice:

3.4.2 For foreigners who are experts must have one of the following documents:
- Document certifying foreigner has the qualifications at the level of engineer, bachelor”s degree or higher or similar level, and who has at least five Protected content experience working in the speciality in which he (she) was trained and be consistent with the job position which he (she) will be expected to work in Vietnam.
- Document certifying the foreigner recognized by competent agency, organization or enterprise in foreign country as an expert;

However, I have no idea how to obtain one of these documents. The text above could mean that a "competent agency" or organization could be the company I work for now, but my instinct tells me that there will be governing bodies and specialist companies who provide these certificates.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this please? I'm at a loss!

Thanks in advance

Ben Jervis

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