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Working Space / Collaborative Space (Ho Chi Minh City)

We are a new business in HCMC & looking for working / office space. Essentially we work with design, marketing, business & technology.

Its not an immediate necessity but we are looking for a small office space down town. Style / Location important as is price so interested to hear a few ideas. Also, the lease should be flexible & short term as we want to keep our options open.

There are two of us but I foresee there being around 4 ongoing as we will have designers & possibly developers working with us on site at times.

Access to a meeting room essential with all the usual office amenities - printer, desks, chairs, shared reception etc...

We have shared office space before in Europe so that could work also, in fact it would be great - ideally we'd want to share with other startup businesses or established creative, technology, internet, design & marketing companies.

Look forward to hearing ideas. Ideally you can send your response directly to my inbox please. Ideas, location, pictures, price (inclusive), companies sharing with, terms of lease etc...



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