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8 Things You Don’t Want to Learn Too Late in Life …….

I’m sure most of us had wished that we could go back to our younger self with all the knowledge we have right now. But this is not realistic and please find here 8 things that you don’t want to learn too late in life.

1. The world doesn’t revolve around you

You have to understand that people don’t think of you as much as you think they do. They have their own minds, insecurities and problems to think about. To them, they are the main character of their own story and if they are thinking of you, it’s probably because it interconnects to their own lives.Even if this thought makes you feel less significant, it helps you put into perspective that all the worries and regrets of what people think of you are only the construct of your own mind . In other words do not make assumptions

2. Do not take anything personal .

This is a difficult one and it is based on the following truth : Everybody talking about you expresses only his own mind . Consequently whatever anybody says about you expresses only his view and NOT YOU !. That is why you should never take anything personal !!

3. Stop comparing with others

Comparison is futile as it does not make any sense to compare with others ( everybody has his own life journey ). You always have been and always will be your own best competitor.In a world where comparisons happen non-stop, it is difficult to look outside yourself and to ever be content with who you are. There's always someone who's a bit better.
The only solution is to reach inside and measure against what Warren Buffett calls your own internal yardstick. There is no more accurate measure for comparison than who you were yesterday, last week or last decade, when you were at your best. Or perhaps the person you know you can be based on your values, passions/ purpose and mission.

4. Small steps for big changes

Small steps aren’t about limiting yourself from growing to large, too quick. It’s a matter of being able to start (especially with something you fear). It’s about growing momentum and putting yourself into a position where you know you can succeed. Many used to put way too many things on their to-do list, attempt to get everything done, and end up procrastinating because of how much there is to do. Break the monster down into bite sized pieces. Want to accomplish more? Start with just two of the most important things on your to do list. By breaking a goal down to just 10 minutes a day will help you persist in the long run. So when I don’t feel like working out, I say to myself just 10 minutes a day. Those 10 minutes almost always turn into a full blown workout!

5 . Living in the present

You can learn a thing or two from a child. Their minds only fixate on the playground around them. They’re not thinking of their next homework assignment or what they cried about yesterday. They just do out and purely enjoy themselves in the moment: running, laughing and playing. Every moment that passes by you, is another moment that you can’t get back. It’s a moment that you could have seized. These moments pass us while our minds are somewhere else. You miss the interesting people around you, the beautiful environments, and most of all the life that you’re living. Living in the past does not create any value and living in the future creates anxiety. Only living in the present makes sense.

6. Don’t make things bigger than they are

When we experience stress – a physiological response of fight or flight is triggered. This is actually very natural, and probably helped our ancestors survive. The part of the brain that creates this response cannot fully distinguish it as a real threat or a perceived threat. But understanding that this physiological reaction is a natural part of us can help us see that nothing is actually attacking us. Life really isn’t as serious as you think it is. The problems that you have now aren’t going to matter in a year; it might not even matter by next week! ( Ask your self : Is it going to matter a week from now ? ) .
One moment your heart is racing a mile a minute, the next you’re laughing at the incident. I remember all the times arguing with my significant other. The arguments were small, but it led to many big fights. Looking back, I could have replied with just a simple “okay,” and it would have been fine.

7. Invest time in others

How would it feel if you were sick in the hospital and not a single soul came to visit? Invest some of the time you have in caring for the people close and around you , even if it means sacrificing some personal time. Treasuring your relationships with your loved ones is something that should never be overlooked. You know the saying “Live like it’s the last day of your life”
You can only succeed in Life by inspiring and helping others . This is the fastest way.

8. Being Grateful for what you have to receive more

Being grateful and giving makes us all happy. Being happy we are more productive and create more value . When you create more value you start to create abundance.
Gratitude is the door to Abundance .


The faster you learn and practice all these things the earlier your life will be better and happier. What of course is helping to achieve this is the knowledge of what you Love to Do . Living your passions is the ultimate life.

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