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Childcare arrangements in Hong Kong

Hi, my husband and I are considering an opportunity for relocation to HK on a Protected content job assignment. I am currently pregnant and will be due in August. the current plan is for me to deliver and move over around Feb when my child is about Protected content old, while my husband will go over first in October and travel back to Singapore to see us over the weekends. I will start work perhaps in Mar / Apr after a short settling in period.

My immediate concern now is with regard to Childcare arrangements for a young child. Are there childcare / infant care centres catered to children below one? is it difficult to get a place? what about day time nannies? Are they difficult to find or expensive? we prefer not to have a live in maid as we feel that the housing space in hong kong is already small and we like our privacy.

Wondering if there's any suggestions on childcare options for our situation?

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