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Considering a move to HK with my husbands job (Hong Kong)

Hi All

My Husband and I are considering a move to HK for his job. We have visited a number of times but I know that living in a new country full time is a totally different experience!

Our main worry about moving is that I would find it difficult to get a job. We are both from the UK but are currently living in Shanghai. I have found it impossible to get a job here so it would come down to the work situation whether we decide to move here.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation and to know if it's possible for expats to get work? Is it hard to get a working visa? Do companies ask that you speak mandarin/Cantonese? Any help or feedback would be very helpful!

In the UK I was a commercial manager of a business center however I would be happy with office based roles or similar in HK.

Thank you

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