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Do you enjoy or waste your life ? (Hong Kong)

I have been following my passions and really enjoy especially when people that believe what i believe join me to create a movement , to create change .
So let me share something from my heart for the weekend :

We go through life learning at a young age about all the things that we should do . Then we look around other people’s lives and see that they’re doing the same thing, so we don’t question it. But do we stop to ask ourselves if this is what we truly want ? . This is what I call we live in the fog and follow ....
Do you really want to be a lawyer, or has your parents just instilled this belief upon you? Do you really need college for your passion, or has society made you think it’s mandatory for success ?
The new living philosophy becomes something more exciting : living your passion. We take the lessons of the old timers about hard/smart work, dedication ,focus , contribution and put it into something we absolutely love doing.
Concluding demand something more for yourself from the short time we’re privileged to be here on this earth.

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