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Greeting from Hungary! (Hong Kong)

I'm a biochemical engineer from Hungray. I currently work in supply area, pharmaceutical indstry in Hungary. (at a blood plasma derivateves producer company)

I met a girl in Budapest in this year's summer. She is a beautiful, kind angel. I have never met same girl before. I'm lucky because we love each other. Her visa runs out on December, so we decided to move her city, Hong Kong.

I have never been there before, but I gave up my career, life, everything in Hungray. I don't understand myself sometimes, I'm an engineer, a rational mind, but I love her, and I wouldn't like to loose her anytime. So I feel totally crazy myself, because I'm preparing to jump to a really different world from mine. However I'm execiting as well, I would like to overcome challenges in HK. I would like to start a new life there, but I don't know how. I hope so that you can advice to me some good ideas for begining in HK.

At first of all I need some information about professional jobs. I wouldn't like to be a problem for my gfriend's family. I couldn't put aside a lots of money, because Hungarian economic situation is not the best one now.

Could you advice for me, where and how can I find a professional job in HK? How can I stay alive in 3 times bigger city then Budapest? Do you have any information about pharmaceutical industry in HK? Or supply chain jobs?

I hope so that you and us can drink a good one together in HK on December!

Thank you much for your support!

See you!


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