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Help with Medicines (Hong Kong)



I'm new to posting on forums so apologies if something similar has been answered elsewhere.

I have come to HK from the UK but have been unable to find a specific medication. Benadryl Allergy a relief tablets (12/24 pack) with the active ingredient Acrivastine.

I understand that the US have Semprex D which also includes pseudoephedrine.

Unfortunately, (Levo)ceterizine, Loratadine and other one a day tablets do not work because I am usually quite active. I can't take medications that cause drowsiness either.

Does someone know:
Where I can get Benadryl Acrivastine?
Where I can get Semprex D?
Which other pharmacist I can go to in order to find either (I have tried Fanda, and other large-looking pharmacists in Central and Sheung Wan)?
If I just need to go to a doctor (I haven't registered)?
How I can import these medications?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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