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HK driver's license without HKID (Hong Kong)

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are going to be living and traveling extensively in China soon. We plan to buy and drive a car there, and we know that we will need a Chinese driver's license. We have heard that it is possible to get an HK driver's license, then in mainland China transfer it to a Chinese driver's license, thereby skipping the harrowing exam and some of the other paperwork.

From what I have read online (including the application form) it appears that an HKID is NOT required (I can put in my passport number in the same field instead). However, I have been told on some forums that an HKID _is_ requred.

Can anyone attest to whether an HKID is required? Also, if anyone has gone through this themselves, what was the general turnaround time? I would expect to be in HK for maybe a week, but I don't know how long I'd have to wait.

Thank you!

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