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How safe is it to receive post to Hong Kong?

I am asking this because I've experienced peculiar things happening with incoming parcels and mail to my company.

For example, a bank in Europe tried three times to send an envelope with PIN-number for my internet bank login. These envelopes disappeared three times, only the fourth time the business service provider in Kowloon was able to hand over the envelope with the PIN-number. And now, this same European bank has tried two times to send a credit card to this same business service provider in Kowloon. Should have arrived over a month ago, still haven't received it.

Other letters from this same European bank usually reach this business service provider in Kowloon (have received several letters). Although in these cases, they have not contained anything important (only bank statements etc.). So why are these most important letters disappearing (PIN-code for internet banking, credit card)?

A courier shipment with DHL should have contained 10 bottles of Ayurvedic medicines from India, the first shipment only contained 8 bottles. I collected the courier directly at DHL.

I have a postbox at Hong Kong post also, which seems to be more reliable, nothing disappeared so far (although nothing important has been sent there). What should I do? Change to have all incoming mail to my postbox instead? Although I won't be able to have it sent to me in mainland China then, would need to travel to Hong Kong to collect the mail each time.

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