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How to Re-establish Vitality, Health & Stop Worry (Hong Kong)

How to Re-establish Vitality, Health & Stop Worrying ?

The subjects of Peace of Mind and feeling full of Vitality and Healthy are essential for our Quality of life. The majority of people think that these are complex and difficult subjects. The reality is that these are relatively easy to be achieved with the right mind set.

How we think has a definite effect on our habits as our beliefs are guiding our behaviours and consequently our habits. A peaceful mind is Powerful. If you have peace of mind and your mind says you are full of energy the body adjusts accordingly. So it is much better to saturate your thoughts with positive and peaceful words and ideas.

At the same time many people worry. Worry is a habit and all habits can be replaced with other habits. So based on this principle how can we reduce or even eliminate worry?

Worry does not add any value as it is not real. We do know that the great majority of what we worry never happens so why to worry?

-Fill you mind daily with faith, hope, optimism, happiness,.. and in this way no space for worry
-Say to yourself daily I believe I can do anything I focus
-Meditate daily
-Help others to stop worrying. Beyond inspiring others the positive effect on you is tremendous

Assuming we have conquered the habit of worry how do we re-establish our vitality and health after both have deteriorated? Here we focus on the mental , emotional and spiritual domains . We do not address the physical which is anyway linked to our mind.

First we will describe WHAT needs to be done and then the HOW .


-Eliminate anger, hate, guilt, resentment, grudges and any ill will. They hurt you, not the person you aim.
-Fill the mind with attitudes of good will, forgiveness, faith, love, positive spirit, …….


- When angry :

1.First notice
2.Then take a few deep breaths
3.Notice the position of the feeling in your body
4.Change your state e.g sit down ( no aggression when sitting down ) , go for a walk, listen to music, read a book, meditate,….
The anger disappears

- Make a list of everything that irritates you. This will weaken all small causes of anger

-When any hurt feeling situation arises get it straightened as quickly as possible

- Forgive and pray if you like for any person who has hurt your feelings

Of course the Best way to have peace of mind and feel always energized is to Do what you Love to Do. Following your Passions the mind is fully interested and focused. In this way the more you loose yourself in something you Love to Do or something bigger than yourself there is no space for worry and the more energy you will have.

I have attempted to simplify and create understanding for 2 very important subjects and I welcome responses, additions or questions. Thank you very much!

Mike Mastroyiannis is an Executive Coach and Consultant for among others Exponentially Disruptive Innovations. He has served as CEO of business units in Multinationals, founded or lead start ups and serves in advisory boards. He can be reached through LinkedIn or email at Protected content

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