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Looking for advice from Math Tutor/Teacher in Hong (Hong Kong)

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to relocate to Hong Kong and I'm exploring my options for work. I'm currently a private tutor living in London and I'm thinking of either teaching maths in a school when I relocate OR teaching maths as a private tutor.

I've gathered that (generally) you need to be able to speak Cantonese, have a degree in a math related subject, have a teaching qualification and at least a couple of years of experience. Please correct me if I've left anything out.

For a private tutor it's a bit more ambiguous. All the tutoring agencies I've seen are in Chinese and can't really understand it, even with google translate. Do agencies generally accept western tutors or do you need to find your own clients? Also, what kind of qualifications do people in HK look for when selecting the right tutor for their child?

Thank you everyone for reading, I look forward to any insight you can share. I hope this helps other people relocating to HK as well.

All the best,

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