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Looking for advice on expat life insurers (Hong Kong)

Hi there, I am seeking advice on finding an appropriate expat life insurance agency to assist me with my life insurance. My wife and I moved to Hong Kong quite recently (February this year) and have been really disappointed with the amount of money that my current bank back in England is charging me for overseas life insurance. Therefore, I need a bit of help finding the appropriate life insurance policy that is right for me in order to remedy this issue.

I have had a look at quite a few already, and the most recent one I have come across is They look very credible and the best option I have seen so far, as well as having a speedy response and a good quote. However, I would like an outside opinion from someone who currently has expat life insurance in order to really get a feel for the right provider.

Also, if anyone has ever used this provider in the past could you let me know and give me your opinions? It would be very helpful!

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