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It was reported Cases of Mers have been increasing in Korea and some patients have even stayed in Mainland China on their travel. And Mers is reported to be a high death rate disease so far...

We, as an original grown-up in HKSAR, all experienced the disaster of SARS in Protected content understood these kind of fatal disease is highly probable from hybrid virus/bacteria from animals, which human body still cannot cope with.

Since this disease is originated from the Middle east, Department of Health from HKSAR advises people not take any camel ride or activities involving animals to avoid the risk of infection.

However, no need to fear especially when you are in HKSAR! Always keep high standard of your personal, food and environmental hygiene, I am sure we will not lose anything in this looked-like disease battle. Why I am so confident? Yes, we are from HKSAR, the city which won in the SARS war!

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Korea reports MERS cases
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