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Missing Person in Hong Kong, Ani Ashekian

I've seen posters near my office about this, so thought I would look into it and share with HK IN'ers. Sad and quite strange story, as we all know it is near impossible to leave HK without leaving a trace, and that HK is possibly the safest large city in the world ...

Ani Ashekian, 31 year old female Canadian tourist went missing in HK Nov Protected content , she had just arrived Nov 9, from a trip to to the mainland (Beijing and Xiamen). She is considered a sensible and well traveled individual.

She stayed at ChungKing Mansions (TST Protected content email/phone call/cash withdrawal Nov 10, no record of her ever leaving HK via air/sea/land, no one has heard from her since Nov 10

If you'd like to know more or think you could help - email: Protected content

Watch this youtube piece for more info too ...

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