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My experience in Hk (honest) (Hong Kong)


My experience with hk was very negative. I dont mean to discourage anyone from making the move but be aware of these things:
Protected content . Its very hot and humid. If you are from Australia (generally warm), you will struggle. You can't go for a normal walk, you sweat all the time and you cant even have a coffee outside its just so humid and hot. Everything happens indoors.
Protected content . It is very expensive unless you can live on congee - Soup made of worst cuts of meat and insides. Nothing tastes fresh, everything has this artificial taste. Ham for example had this unnatural strong pink color.
1. Talking about artificial, lots of fake people around. Western expat rich wannabes in loafers and shorts. Slaving away 15 hrs but putting on the "rich" look at bar while living in a matchbox apartment.
2. Its the most superficial place I have ever seen. No medium priced stores, only very expensive or very trashy. You walk into a store in flip flops and they automatically assume you have no money to spend, dont even say hello. Come back another day dressed up and they kiss your ass.
3. The worst of the worst of south east asian bimbos landed in hk, parading around to catch a western man. Literally prostitution in open, these women go out alone, sit alone and wait to be approached or they throw themselves openly. Its all about alcohol and cheap women throwing themselves with no shame, respect or any dignity whatsoever.
4. Its busy, crowded, it stinks. The tube stations are the stuffiest places.
5. I know I sound cynical, disappointed but Stay where you are. Its just not worth the extra money or even the "world experience" bs. So many better and nicer places.

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