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Newbies to HK (Hong Kong)

My husband and I are potentially moving to HK in September for work. We have many questions on the move, country, jobs and housing. I'm looking for some advice on your experience to date:

1. What are the best areas to live in near Happy Valley, I'd be happy to commute upto 30mins. We'd be looking for 2 bedroom accommodation, with modern facilities including a gas hob - as we love to cook
2. My husband is a graphic designer whom is self employed, but would be happy to work for agencies or teach, how easy would it be for him to get a job?
3. We are big foodies, and I hear the wet markets are good places to buy vegetables, are these produce fresh and safe to eat?
4. What items are really expensive in HK and would be better sourced from the UK or Europe e.g. clothing, cosmetics, toiletries.
5. Is it worth going for furnished accommodation or unfurnished? Is the quality of the furniture comfortable? Reading articles some people mentioned to bring your own bed - really? Surely there are good furnitures shops or it is a case of them being expensive.

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