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Practice Chinese for Free with Bilingual Articles! (Hong Kong)

The Bilingualizer helps you "bilingualize" the articles that interest YOU: Protected content

Are you learning Chinese or another language, preparing for HSK (the Official Chinese Language Exam)?
Would you like to practice reading Chinese articles but you find it cumbersome to look up every Chinese character in a dictionary?
Well, in my experience of learning Protected content , using bilingual articles is a great help! I remember buying some special bilingual newspapers in my tender youth to do just that. But they were expensive and I had to read articles chosen for me, not the ones I wanted. Those newspapers would also come only once a month!

What if there was a simple system that "bilingualizes" what YOU want to read, when YOU want?
What if it was FREE?

Welcome to Global Citizen's Bilingualizer! Protected content (or Protected content

We hope that our Bilingualizer will help you succeed while enjoying your language learning. And remember, the Number 1 factor to succeed in learning languages is passion and motivation, not talent! We can all do it!

Kind regards,
Philippe :-)

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