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Preparing to move to Hong Kong...

We are preparing to move to Hong Kong and I'm thinking if someone kindly answer to these questions:
1. How much
- a family of Protected content and a kid) could spend in food per month ?
- could cost an apartment in the area of American School per month?
- cost the transportation? Are they good and safe? Are the taxis cheap?
- could cost sports activities for a kid (ex: ballet, swim classes, judo, football) per month?
- could cost a registration in a Gym for an adult per month?

2. Is it easy to find a place for grade 1 in American School? Others schools that you could suggested?

3. I saw that American School is in Kowloon area. Any suggestion in the area to find accommodation? Preferentially with extra activities and services near. Preferentially that we can walk to school. Preferentially, apartment and not a villa.

4. Any recommendation for Insurance?

5. My husband is going to work but I don’t have a place yet? Could you refer some agencies or websites where I can search a place for me? Preferentially, I would like to find a part time job.

5. Any other advices that we should assure with company contract?

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