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Staying in touch with friends (Hong Kong)

Hi everyone

Some of you might have seen me already at the DB Pier handing out my cards for the research project asking you to participate, but here it goes.

I am trying to figure out (and am doing a proper project on it) how people and this in particular includes Expats shipped all around the world stay effectively in touch with their friends.

For this purpose I have designed a rather lengthy but in depth questionnaire, and it would be incredibly helpful if you could look at it. See for the long rant below, what at this point is only necessary to say is that it is not only good for reflection (apparently) but also every full submission generates 10 EUR for Deworm the World (giving pills to African children to kill stomach worms).

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Sustaining Friendships in Midlife
Why do some people manage to keep their key friendships in the time-scarce years of Protected content others do not? Can some key practices be identified which can then be recommended to people to copy so that with limited investments of time and energy they can also gain the benefits of being in the company of some key friends when they hit old age?
The research project is intended to be data-driven – with an extensive survey at its backbone.
•What roles of friendship do people play for their friends (such as companion, project builder, networker / connector, cheerleader, energizer)
•Are certain types of friendship more resilient than others?
•Does friendship occur more instantaneous or take time to develop?
•What habits are beneficial or detrimental to deepening of friendships – including social media usage, TV and entertainment consumption, working and commuting patterns?
•What does the evidenced reduction in civic engagement mean for friendship building in our time?
Be advised that to fill out the questionnaire online at Protected content on a PC takes about 30 min. But every response to both the Personality and Relationship Survey is matched with a 10 EUR donation to Deworm the World (providing pills to African children killing stomach worms). Furthermore the testimonies of the first 60 responses state that filling out the questionnaire was a good exercise for reflection in itself.

Thanks for your support to this study, and if you agree with the goal of the study please forward the link Protected content or directly Protected content further on to a few friends.

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