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Welcome all members of Hong Kong community!

Dear all,

I just wanna give a short introduction, I am happy to be the new ambassador of the HK community. But what does that actually mean? I see it as a group thread pusher, news collector, guide for new restaurants & bars, and and and... Said in short words: I am the collector for everything related to our community. So if you have any ideas, suggestions etc. then please feel free to inform me, or even better, post in a thread so that we can all exchange our thoughts and knowledge.

The first "real" get together will most likely be in the second half of June, I will try to arrange a nice evening after work, best would be to not occupy your already planned weekends..

I am really looking forward to a good time of us together in the Internations Hong Kong community and in Hong Kong itself!! Updates on the get together in June will be given as soon as there are any news!

Have a good weekend!


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