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What are the Top 5 Entrepreneurs attributes? (Hong Kong)

What are the top 5 attributes after “Passion” of successful technology entrepreneurs for the coming 10 years

Based on a Protected content research in USA only Protected content % of People loved their work . This means frustration , waste of lives and lower productivity ( recent study talks about more than Protected content USD ) . Not having statistical data but having lived in 5 countries and travelled the world I believe the rest of the world could be in a similar situation.
Passion is the number Protected content to succeed (Steve Jobs said "The only way to be truly satisfied is to is to do what you believe is great work . The only way to do great work is to love what you do ( passion).If you have not found it yet keep looking .Do not settle ." Protected content .
Passion is the answer to the question what would you do if you had 1 billion USD ? Moreover Passion should be linked to a Big Purpose that will have positive impact to the community and the world .

So what are other key attributes that will enable passion for something to become reality ?
Although without Passion nothing big can be achieved , passion needs a few other enablers to achieve big outcomes . Moreover as there are many articles on the subject I will focus my answer for entrepreneurs in technology related industries :

1. Being Curious and open minded

In a world where new technologies (Artificial Intelligence , Crowdsourcing , Robotics & Drones , Big Data & Data Analytics , Sensors , mobile , Social Networking , Digital Encryption & Currencies , 3D printing , Genetics , …. ) are growing exponentially without curiosity and open mindness it is impossible to grasp and understand new creative ideas and changes around you and your business. Being open minded helps you to learn from successful others, evaluate the situation and adjust the course of action in a way that will deliver results .

2. Self Belief

Being passionate for something without believing in your self cannot create anything . Putting your attention/energy in “what” you want to achieve and believe in the outcome is prerequisite for any positive entrepreneurial endeavour. A very important detail within this mindset is that the attention on the “what” should be done in a way of no tension/no stress . This means we do our best and as we cannot control the universe we believe in ourselves and the outcome .

3. Flexibility and Collaboration

With the world changing so fast :

- e g from Protected content people on Line ) to Protected content 5 billion on line) >>> what innovations (these extra 3 billion people will bring) ? Protected content growing new technologies (see above )
- Open Innovation platforms/communities/crowd sourcing create daily innovations and disruptions
- Collaborative mindset and the need to lead and create positive company culture as key ingredient for success

we need to be flexible , collaborative and adaptive to be successful within the ecosystem . Without flexibility we will not be able to cope with the massive and frequent changes. So “Flexibility which is the key to Longevity” it should be together with collaborative mindset key ingredients of our entrepreneurial DNA .

4. Learner

With technologies , business models and markets changing so fast we need to be able to learn and understand the basics of what new technology and changes means for the business ecosystem :

-How can we leverage changes or third party assets for our business ?
-What do we need to adopt and what not ?
-How can I build a business with the new exponentially growing technologies or new business models ?
-How can I combine new technologies and people to create something revolutionary and differentiating ?
-How can I uplift my self with the new technologies

It is not about understanding the technological details . It is about understanding what it means for our business . So the attribute of learning daily and being able to understand and decide what to do is vital .

5. Practice , Practice , Practice

This is obvious and super key to be called entrepreneur . “Entrepreneurs Do to Learn “. So for aspiring entrepreneurs learning is starting mainly but not only from doing. At the same time in the technology business with all rapid changes that will accelerate I do believe that the entrepreneurs need to devote more time on learning before doing .
Your comments will be very much appreciated . Thank you

Mike is inspiring and helping others to find their Passions and Success in Life and Business , Creating innovative scalable global systems and businesses , reinvents , simplifies , leverages the community as well as external assets , automates and grows effectively . Experienced in both Digital Marketing and Technology which is imperative for any 21st century CEO . Many and fast turnarounds for big businesses as well as Start Ups . He can be reached via LinkedIn or email Protected content , Protected content

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