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Car Insurance $$$ ? (Houston)

Does anybody know any alternative for expats?

We pay a lot more than americans! I just realized that some friend of mine pays half of what I pay, he owns 2 vehicles and I own just one.

To my knowledge this is mainly because of 3 reasons;

1.- if you just got in recently it is more likely you won't have credit history. ( your credit score affects your insurance rates ). The worst it is the more you will have to pay.
Statistics say that people with bad credit history tends to claim more accidents. No History? Well that's risk!! So throw some extra $$

2.- you just got your Texas driver's license. This doesn't mean you are "new" to driving... Still for the american system you are a newbie. So statistically you are a risk!! Throw some more $$$ please.

3.- Normally you don't come buying property right away... You normally lease some till you figure if you are staying or not. So you may not be a home owner, if that's the case well you know what to do... Drop more $$ :)

This is what I understand. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me.

So why this post? Well, just wanted to see if anyone knows better about this who would like to share some advice.

Then I started wondering... It is all about statistics... Well we are not part of them! We just came in and just started to be part of it. Should there be a system for quoting insurance for ex-pats? Is there such thing out there? I guess its just the price to pay for being one... and have to suck it up right?

All in all, I'm not complaining about how expensive it is... It is just that I think it is not fair.

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