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Feeling Robbed by Internations (Houston)


2 years ago I took a chance joined Internations as It seemed vague to me what all it really offers, but, it looked very interesting. Shortly after joining I received some nice greetings, followed by some creepy messages from some of the men. After looking at the events, in addition to the low turnouts and some of the people holding office stepping down from their positions, I found that I have met some nice people on my own and the events didn't seem like ones I'd be interested in attending, but, could see that it was just not for me personally, yet, I could see it being beneficial to others. Because I realized it was not for me and I purchased a two year membership, I eventually forgot about it.

On May 1, Protected content , I was reviewing my bank statement and saw that they charged $72 to my bank account for another year of membership, so I emailed them, told them I wasn't interested, and asked to refund the money back to my credit card. To my dismay, Danielle M, an employee there informed me that even though there are Protected content remaining in the yearly membership She was not going to refund my money and advised me to downgrade to a lower membership though she was not refunding me the difference in the price. She also pointed out where to find the small print about them giving absolutely no refunds. I'm currently unemployed and have zero money coming in so I can't afford to throw money away and find it to be a horrible policy. If you're selling such a great product why is customer satisfaction a non factor and taking people's money that are no longer interested in the product their sole concern and bottom line? I feel that my money has been stolen and am stuck with a terrible taste in my mouth. I realize that many of you may be sticklers for rigid policies and feel that it should trump customer satisfaction, but, I wanted you to know so that you won't make the same mistake of forgetting about the expiration/renewal date since this is not a necessity or something you pay attention to enough to remember a year or two from now. I also asked to follow the chain of command or contact the head of the organization but Danielle informed me she's the only person I can talk to which I insisted that she adhere to my request again. What a terrible feeling and shady customer service. Zero customer satisfaction. Usually the better and high end the product, the greater the return and customer service policy. Whole Foods vs Kroger, Nordtroms or Neiman Marcus vs Walmart. You've been warned.

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