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Houston we are coming!!

Hello, I will be relocating to Houston from England with my family at the end of the year. I've only ever been to Virginia on holiday and don't know what to expect from Texas. I've already discovered quite a few things about the place but would love InterNations's Houston members to tell me more, if they can.
Anything about:
a) types/styles of houses (rental): what's good, what's bad, what to look for, what to ask the realtor??
b) driving and driving test: how's the driving, how's the test, how quickly one needs to get a us licence, etc.?
c) domestic staff: what's good and what's not, how do you find a cleaner?
d) TV and electronic items: will my UK tv work?
e) people: how easygoing are the Houstonians?
f) exercising/sport: what place is good, is it safe to run/cycle?
g) schools: anyone from british school, awty school or village school? any tips/ideas/warnings?
h) good home rentals companies/websites?
i) eating out: things to avoid, places to avoid, general tips on how to eat out in Texas..
j) any Italians and Brits out there?

Any idea/suggestion/reply greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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